Full Speed Ahead


Everything is flowing steadily in the Chinchak House. Everything is going well at work, kids are great in school and we are preparing to submit A LOT of paperwork the beginning of next week. I promise to start writing about fun stuff and stories soon… It has been a whirlwind of event planning so far.

I do want to take a moment to write about a generous lady I met a a few days ago. Like I previously mentioned, I am trying to become the fund raising queen of Central Florida. I have been asking for advice, feedback, ideas, everything from different Mom’s Groups on Facebook and have not gotten much response from anyone, anywhere and yea, it gets discouraging. I then received a message from Frances. She said, “I want to try to help you. I think what you’re doing is wonderful”. Turns out, Frances, is a consultant for Trades of Hope. Ever heard of them?…. Nope, me either.

So after some chit chat with her and doing my own research…. Wow! How have I never heard of this organization? Women helping other women; a genius concept. We live in a society where we are constantly in competition. ; my kid is smarter then yours, my hair is better, whatever else. Why is that? Why can’t we be respectful to one another, support one another, empower each other?

So Trades of Hope is on a mission to break the cycle of poverty for underprivileged women from all over by helping them sell items they are skilled at making. Do yourself a favor and look up their site. This is the kind of encouraging stuff I LOVE seeing.

If you are interested in making any purchases please use my party link. Frances is generously donating her commissions to our cause and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her even offering.


If you want more information of Trades of Hope or are looking for a consultant you are most welcome to contact Frances. Send her an email to cookie8717@gmail.com or you can find her phone number through the party link.

God Bless,



How’s The Wether?


If you have not done so already, please go check out a second blog I started to capture the moments of our adoption of a little boy. I will be attempt to write about the details of the process, our fund raiser efforts and so much more. I appreciate any and all support. Thanks all!


Uncharted Territory


Hello Everyone,

Where do I begin…..

Over the last several months, the Hubs and I have been researching, reading, researching even more on the possibilities of adoption. As a teenager, I always said I wanted to adopt, but what do you know, really, as a 16 year old? As I grew up I kinda forgot about it and went on my way. Grew up and had children, as a lot of people do.

About 3 months ago I just went into the wind on research about it… the cost, where to adopt from, what are the requirements and so forth. I looked at a few websites and saw all these children who need a Momma. I just wanted to cry. I was so sad for them. I continued looking and then one evening, sitting on the sofa, I saw him. One look at this little boy and I knew he was mine. I knew.. I was his. After weeks of praying, weeks of going back and forth, “I can’t make this happen” and “I will make this happen”, we are now planning planning planning on making this happen. I am starting from scratch, ground zero, and I am frightened because I have no idea what I am doing. But I believe I can make it happen and if I am anything, I am persistent.

I hope anyone and everyone will join us on this journey. It will be beautiful, terrifying and long, but it will be SO worth it.

Adoption Rocks!


When I was younger I would always say that I wanted to adopt a bunch of kids from all over the world. My whole life I have been fascinated by culture and language and traditions. Of course, I grew up and plans (or un-plans) changed, paths went different ways and so on.

Well I brought the idea back a couple months ago and approached the Hubs with the idea and so we’ve discussed, I’ve researched places, people, grants and everything you can think of. The first thing I have to say is, shewww, it is a lot of work already and we really haven’t gotten too far into the process.

I have fallen in love with a special needs boy from Eastern Europe. Since everything on my end is not committed with the agency I am not allowed to say what his name is or where he is from, but I will get there, eventually. He is beautiful, he looks like pure joy and I want to be his Momma so much that I feel like my heart could just explode whenever I look at his photos.

I am going to attempt to document everything I can and so I am considering starting a separate blog that is entirely dedicated to that purpose and I’ll post that info here, when I have it ready.

In the mean time I have several ideas going for fund raisers and if anyone comes up with ideas, please, please let me know. I am going to need all the assistance I can get. I started a YouCaring fund as well so if anyone is willing to donate anything it would be appreciated beyond words.


I’m back!


Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the long hiatus. Life has been super busy the last several months with work and the kids and school and everything else that the days throw my way.

The hubs and I have been doing a lot of research over the last couple months about Child Adoption. Has anyone ever gone through this process? Is anyone adopted? Can anyone offer advice on the process?

I appreciate any feedback.