Adoption Rocks!


When I was younger I would always say that I wanted to adopt a bunch of kids from all over the world. My whole life I have been fascinated by culture and language and traditions. Of course, I grew up and plans (or un-plans) changed, paths went different ways and so on.

Well I brought the idea back a couple months ago and approached the Hubs with the idea and so we’ve discussed, I’ve researched places, people, grants and everything you can think of. The first thing I have to say is, shewww, it is a lot of work already and we really haven’t gotten too far into the process.

I have fallen in love with a special needs boy from Eastern Europe. Since everything on my end is not committed with the agency I am not allowed to say what his name is or where he is from, but I will get there, eventually. He is beautiful, he looks like pure joy and I want to be his Momma so much that I feel like my heart could just explode whenever I look at his photos.

I am going to attempt to document everything I can and so I am considering starting a separate blog that is entirely dedicated to that purpose and I’ll post that info here, when I have it ready.

In the mean time I have several ideas going for fund raisers and if anyone comes up with ideas, please, please let me know. I am going to need all the assistance I can get. I started a YouCaring fund as well so if anyone is willing to donate anything it would be appreciated beyond words.


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