Grey’s Anatomy– Season 11 Episode 1 Review


I Must Have Lost It On the Wind

Grey’s has been my beloved show since it began so many years ago, but seriously, I do not know if I can handle all these changes.

Shonda Rhimes is a genius and all, but another sister for Meredith? What was with that flashback? Was Ellis trying to commit suicide? All these questions and I don’t do patient for a long time.

How could Ellis have been pregnant and Richard not know? Not to mention that the whole scene with the vending machine was not believable in my opinion. Who smiles as the machine takes your money while simultaneously being pissed at your sister for being bitchy? Not a good start in my opinion.

Karev and Bailey are going to fight to the death for this seat in the board. I’m Team Karev all the way, but who knows at this point. And the McDreamy duo… could this be the end of the miracle?

What are your prediction’s for the season?