The Story of Us


It began so long ago,

in our days as children.

the world looked so fresh,

it was ours to take.

a love so divine, so new,

nothing could break it.

a love spontaneous,

a journey, so to speak.

and like all winding roads that come to an end.

one thousand days together,

now one thousand nights apart.  heart


A freckle in your eye,

A twinkle on your face.

A freckly face is a starry night.

Sit back while I kiss the sky.

The Moth and the Moon


The music comes out at night,

When the moon hangs soft and low.

The flutter of wings against the night sky,

catching stardust in their reflection.

Branches and leaves swaying with the gentle beat of the wind.

My heart swells,

By the sounds and the sight.

Take me away,

Forever in flight.

I wonder….


I often sit and wonder, if the pain will ever end. Will the hurt ever stop?

My head tells me yes, but, my heart screams…..NO!

I want to see you. I want to hug you. I want the “I Miss You’ to end.

Will that day ever come?

Threw our life away


At first, I imagined it was how dying felt.
The thought was so cliché’,
A heart broken, torn out and thrown away.

A lifetime of happiness and love,
In an instant, taken away forever.

Days were long, nights were lonely,
Tears were never ending,
You went ahead and threw our life away.

You found someone else,
To call your own,
Time went by and again you called.

She was not what she seemed,
Not what you wanted,
You went ahead and threw our life away.

Mistake’s are made,
Lesson’s are learned,
At the end of the day, you threw our life away.

Winter is like…


The air smells of Cedar,

crisp and tight.

The weight of the snow bear’s down.

Bright sky collides with a blanket of white ground, where my prints walk behind me.

I breath in the Earth, and the warm sun beats around my face.

Emotional Cloud


The clouds collide with the waves,

Breaking color; blue to white and white to blue.

I lay on the cool sand and in the warm sun.

So much time I spend, thinking of how I miss you.