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Good Morning Ladies and Gents,

I worked up one of those Amazon Links for you to use for your shopping purposes. If you shop through this link then they will donate a portion back to us for our adoption. Thanks so much!!


How’s The Wether?


If you have not done so already, please go check out a second blog I started to capture the moments of our adoption of a little boy. I will be attempt to write about the details of the process, our fund raiser efforts and so much more. I appreciate any and all support. Thanks all!

Uncharted Territory


Hello Everyone,

Where do I begin…..

Over the last several months, the Hubs and I have been researching, reading, researching even more on the possibilities of adoption. As a teenager, I always said I wanted to adopt, but what do you know, really, as a 16 year old? As I grew up I kinda forgot about it and went on my way. Grew up and had children, as a lot of people do.

About 3 months ago I just went into the wind on research about it… the cost, where to adopt from, what are the requirements and so forth. I looked at a few websites and saw all these children who need a Momma. I just wanted to cry. I was so sad for them. I continued looking and then one evening, sitting on the sofa, I saw him. One look at this little boy and I knew he was mine. I knew.. I was his. After weeks of praying, weeks of going back and forth, “I can’t make this happen” and “I will make this happen”, we are now planning planning planning on making this happen. I am starting from scratch, ground zero, and I am frightened because I have no idea what I am doing. But I believe I can make it happen and if I am anything, I am persistent.

I hope anyone and everyone will join us on this journey. It will be beautiful, terrifying and long, but it will be SO worth it.

How to effectively communicate…How to communicate effectively.


How to effectively communicate. How to communicate effectively. 

No matter the way it is written, the rewards of effective communication have no limit. I am no stranger to working in a professional environment where, Communication Is Key, in every aspect. No detail is ever too small and should never be overlooked.
I have worked in only a few different fields in my career which all tie back to customer service related fields. I speak to people daily, some happy with their experiences and others who are not happy at all. Though my employer has changed and so have my job requirements, the requirement of Communication remains the same.
There are multiple forms in which communication can be carried out; meeting one on one with a person and a phone call, for example. Keeping up with today’s technology would include sending emails or text messages and other forms of web services.
Any company will see that a continuous stream of communication is the most effective to way to catch a customer, keep a customer and see to it that their company is referred by that customer. The same theory applies to an individual sales associate. Take for example a furniture salesperson, they are working with a potential customer and are trying to sell a furniture care protection plan. Most customer’s would deny it but it is that salesperson’s responsibility to sell them on the positive aspects of that plan. Some would lie about those positive things, or simply not mention the negatives. This is where the salesperson’s ethics and morals come into play. Do you tell the truth and risk not getting the sale or lie to make money? Making the right choice could determine if that salesperson has a potential repeat customer or if that will come back to bite them later on.
There is also a such thing as non-verbal communication. Have you ever heard the term, “body language”? True story, there is a certain vibe that people pick up on from one another. If a person feels like they aren’t getting a point across, are being lied to, or feel a genuine emotion then that plays into their decision making process. I for one, wouldn’t purchase from someone I thought was not being honest.
The moral is to keep up with communicating plans, processes, ideas, thoughts and so forth. In the business world, all these things mean time and money which is something everyone wants but only those who for it get it.

Good Vibes–Re-post


Peace of Pie

I just want to take a moment to say “Thanks!”

I am up to 30 followers now and that is so much more then I ever expected. I am happy I can get on my blog and say whatever I am thinking and so far, it has been welcomed.
I also want to take a moment to express my gratitude towards other blogs that I have discovered and now love taking the time to read.
Maybe I created my own award, IDK, but I do know that I love positive feedback and good vibes. So…. I am nominating the following Blogs for the Good Vibes award. I don’t want to create a chain award nomination thing but feel free to do what YOU want with it. The only thing I am asking is IF you chose to accept, write about the reason you chose to start a blog… the real…

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The little things we love


If you had to tell the person you love most in this world how you felt, but couldn’t use words, what would you give them that would represent your love?

vinyl record


coffee mug

paper heart

Color Me Silent


I find this guy’s work to be incredible. Read his newest piece below to become a fan.



I need you
between my fingers,
within my reach.
I promise
I won’t use you,
I’ll use you, but only for me
– sorry, I lied
what you have
is what I desire
and I’ve gotten this far
without you here.

I’ve learned to cope
an empty-soul
a color less world
and a meaning-less being
but now
what are we waiting for?

Now that
you’re in my grasp
I need you to dance,
brush me along
with you,
on the table,
and color me silent

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