Uncharted Territory


Hello Everyone,

Where do I begin…..

Over the last several months, the Hubs and I have been researching, reading, researching even more on the possibilities of adoption. As a teenager, I always said I wanted to adopt, but what do you know, really, as a 16 year old? As I grew up I kinda forgot about it and went on my way. Grew up and had children, as a lot of people do.

About 3 months ago I just went into the wind on research about it… the cost, where to adopt from, what are the requirements and so forth. I looked at a few websites and saw all these children who need a Momma. I just wanted to cry. I was so sad for them. I continued looking and then one evening, sitting on the sofa, I saw him. One look at this little boy and I knew he was mine. I knew.. I was his. After weeks of praying, weeks of going back and forth, “I can’t make this happen” and “I will make this happen”, we are now planning planning planning on making this happen. I am starting from scratch, ground zero, and I am frightened because I have no idea what I am doing. But I believe I can make it happen and if I am anything, I am persistent.

I hope anyone and everyone will join us on this journey. It will be beautiful, terrifying and long, but it will be SO worth it.